Successful Virtual Production Showcase at MMC Studios

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In view of the strongly increasing demand for virtual productions, MMC, ETC and LAVAlabs organized an informative event to inform their customers about the latest technologies and production processes for the successful implementation of virtual productions and events.


On July 30 and 31, 2020, the cooperation partners MMC Studios, LAVAlabs Moving Images and Entertainment Technology Concepts presented their showcase at MMC Studio 32 in Cologne.


The event was supported by PMT Professional Motion Technology, mls magic light + sound and WeFadeToGrey.The Virtual Production Set on display there provides a dynamic backdrop for a variety of productions.Examples include series, films, entertainment shows, corporate events and virtual events.Das dort gezeigte Virtual Production Set bietet eine dynamische Kulisse für eine Vielzahl von Produktionen.Beispiele sind Serien, Filme, Entertainment Shows, Firmenveranstaltungen und Virtuelle Events.


"MMC Studios is the hot spot for any kind of moving image production in Germany. Therefore, it seemed best to organize a real live demo in our Cologne studios, with a complete Virtual Production setup and an actress playing scenes on set," comments Jens Wolf, Managing Director of MMC Studios. Daher schien es am besten, eine echte Live Demo in unseren Kölner Studios zu organisieren, mit einem kompletten Virtual Production Setup und einer Schauspielerin, die Szenen im Set spielt”, kommentiert Jens Wolf, Geschäftsführer der MMC Studios.


The use of a Virtual Production Set can not only reduce on-location shooting costs and post-production times, but also boost the performance of the actors involved.


Actress Neshe Demir explains, "You are directly in the right environment depicted in the scene, so you don't have to imagine it. My body adjusts to it right away with the movements. I think it makes me play much more naturally."


For the set at MMC Studios, a 96-square-foot LED wall consisting of 416 ROE Visual Diamond DM2.6 LED panels was used.


This was used for the shoot because it required a very small pixel pitch.


In order to bring the larger objects into a virtual world, an additional larger LED wall with an area of almost 22 x 10 meters was used.

This consisted of 288 ROE Visual Carbon CB5 panels.


Additional dynamic lighting as well as desired reflections were created for the shoot using a flown LED ceiling made of 45 Carbon CB5 panels to further increase realism and precision during the shoot.