From today in the cinema: "Papa Moll and the abduction of the flying dog".

Papa Moll and the abduction of the flying dog: Evi (Luna Paiano), Papa Moll (Stefan Kurt) and Willy (Yven Hess). © Zodiac Pictures/Pascal Mora

Today, the MMC co-production "Papa Moll und die Entführung des fliegenden Hundes" starts in theaters. For the turbulent family adventure, filming was also done at MMC Studios.

Swiss and international successes for MMC Zodiac co-production PAPA MOLL

Photo: Papa Moll and the abduction of the flying dog: Mama Moll (Isabella Schmid) and Papa Moll (Stefan Kurt). ©Zodiac Pictures/Tom Trambow

PAPA MOLL, distributed by The Walt Disney Company (Switzerland), has been showing on the screens of Swiss cinemas since December 21, 2017. Probably Switzerland's best-known family man has already recorded over 100,000 moviegoers here. PAPA MOLL thus closed the last week of 2017 in German-speaking Switzerland as a strong No. 2, directly behind STAR... Continue reading Schweizer und internationale Erfolge für MMC Zodiac-Koproduktion PAPA MOLL

First trailer for the MMC Zodiac co-production "Papa Moll

Evi (Luna Paiano), Papa Moll (Stefan Kurt), Willy (Yven Hess) © Zodiac Pictures/Pascal Mora

Es ist da: das erste Bewegtbild zum neuen PAPA MOLL-Film! Bevor der wohl berühmteste Familienvater der Schweiz an Weihnachten die Schweizer Leinwände erobert, stimmt der neu veröffentlichte, offizielle Trailer zu PAPA MOLL auf ein lustiges, chaotisches Wochenende ein.

MMC co-production "Gotthard" as Advent two-parter on ZDF

MMC-Koproduktion 'Gotthard': Tommaso (Pasquale Aleardi, l.), Max (Maxim Mehmet, r.) und Anna (Miriam Stein, m.) - unzertrennliche Freunde? © ZDF / Daniel Ammann

Am Montag, 19. und Mittwoch, 21. Dezember 2016, jeweils 20.15 Uhr, zeigt das ZDF den großen historischen Zweiteiler „Gotthard“.

MMC Movies Starts off the Year with Four Films

MMC Movies starts off the year with four films. Credit: Wolfgang Ennebach

MMC Movies Cologne started successfully into 2015. This spring, the film production company from Cologne (Germany) will be shooting three co-productions... The Diary of Anne Frank (German WT: Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank), Zazy (WT), and the Norwegian-Swedish-Danish-German co-production of The Lion Girl (German WT: Das Löwenmädchen). In addition, MMC Movies provides production services, soundstages,... Continue reading MMC Movies Starts off the Year with Four Films